CORPUS CHRISTII / DARKMOON WARRIOR – through centuries of black blood – 7″EP


Label : Heidens Hart

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  • CORPUS CHRISTII / DARKMOON WARRIOR - through centuries of black blood - 7"EP


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    A long overdue collaboration between two established purveyors of the black arts; they are joining forces here on a classic split 7″ EP.

    One orthodox Satanic track by Corpus Christii, one of the oldest Portuguese hordes still active today. A conflagration of grand and glorious riffing, marauding percussion and vocals that savagely snarl and wail in extravagantly tormented fashion. Features an intro by Puissance.

    Darkmoon Warrior attacks with two violent and ugly bombardments of relentlessly hammering drums, burning rage and unchained violence with irresistible cyclonic power. This is for fanatiks of Impaled Nazarene, Lugubre, Sadistik Exekution and War.

    Label : Heidens Hart

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