GRAND BELIAL’S KEY does not represent vampire adoration or any other childish dress-up games associated with the black ‘glam rock’ metal scene.

GBK have had a bumpy and controversial career since the band was formed in 1992. Early on the band was plagued with internal problems with vocalist Lord Vlad Luciferian (who later left to join Ancient), who appears only on the first two demo releases. He was replaced by “The Black Lourde of Crucixion” (CRUCIFIER) who handled drums/vocals for the first 2 albums. His arrival marked a more “professional” shift for the band, which would release its first full-length album, “Mocking the Philanthropist”, in 1997. The release was stopped dead in its path, however, when German distributor Rough Trade refused to distribute the album, claiming some of the booklet’s contents could be considered illegal in Germany. The band’s label, Wood-Nymph Records, refused to print a new booklet and was then left with no means of distribution and went bankrupt. The controversy didn’t end with the album: The band was frequently a victim of boycotts and cancellation of its live gigs, and played live only about nine times in its first nine years of existence.
The band then released a few 7”eps and more importantly, their second fulllength album, “Judeobeast Assassination” in 2002. The album showcased a marked evolution of the band’s sound while sticking to their roots. The band is still going strong while still fighting the ever present controversy, fueled partly by their attitude, anti-black metal look & radical anti-Judeo- Christian lyrics. While GBK’s lyrical themes are anti-JewishChristian and/or anti-religion, the band’s detractors claim the contrary, mixing the individual members’ personal beliefs or opinions with the simple anti-religious message GBK is trying to promote.
The recording of ‘Kosherat’ was finished in 2005 and it is their most professional and bombastic release to date. Incorporating two new members on drums (The Gulag) and vocals (Grimnir) respectively (same line-up that played on the PIMPS OF GENNESARET TOUR in December 2002) has only strengthened their approach and creativity. GBK is scheduled to return to Europe in February of 2006 to play dates in Northern Europe. GBK are considered to be one of the founding fathers of the American Black Metal Genre (among a handful of others), without emulating the soon-commercialized stereotypical black metal sound so popularized in the last 14 years, regardless of the way modern-day magazines prefer to think the USBM scene developed. When GRAND BELIAL’S KEY started, there was no such thing as a US Black Metal scene…
Goat of a Thousand Young – demo 1992 (Sinistrari Records – USA)
Triumph of the Hordes – demo 1994 (Pagan Records – Poland)
A Witness to the Regicide – 7”ep 1996 (Wood-Nymph Records – Belgium)
Mocking the Philanthropist – CD 1998 (Wood-Nymph Records – Belgium) (reissued 2005 by Moribund Cult/Drakkar Productions – USA/France)
The Tricifixion of Swine – 7”ep 1999 (Spikekult/End All Life – France)
Sperm of the Antichrist – 7”ep 2001 split w/NUNSLAUGHTER (Horror Records Denmark)
Hobo of Aramaic Tongues – 7”ep 2003 split w/CHEMIN DE HAINE (Painiac Records – Belgium)
Judeobeast Assassination – CD 2002 (Drakkar Productions/Moribund Cult France/USA)
Kosherat - CD 2005 (Drakkar Productions)
Demonic (bass)
Grimnir Heretik (vocals)
The Gulag (drums)
Gelal (guitars)
P.O. BOX 393
OAKTON, VA 22124